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Elementary Jaguar Basketball Info and Sign Up


Registration Window

2nd Grade - 5th Grade: Wednesday Jan. 15th - Friday Jan. 31st.


2nd & 3rd Grade - Wednesday Feb. 10th
Practices every Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30pm
4th & 5th grade - Thursday Feb. 11th
Practices every Thursday 4:30 - 5:30pm

First Game

2nd & 3rd Grade: Wednesday March 18th @ JHH
4th & 5th Grade: Thursday March 19th @ JLV
Games will be held weekly, same time and place
Physicals for students must be submitted before a student is allowed to participate in afterschool sports
Only one physical per student PER YEAR is required. So if you submitted a physical for your student earlier in the year for soccer they are good for the whole school year
Uniforms will be $45. A similar process to the soccer uniforms will be in place. There will be an online store to purchase (more info and dates to follow). Uniform will be reversible basketball jersey with number and "jaguars" on it. Uniforms will be kept by student to use next year.